Turn your scanner and printer into a powerful, free photocopier with a click!

iCopy Free Photocopier is a free and open source application that lets you combine your scanner and printer into a powerful, easy to use photocopier by only pressing a button. You can use Automatic Document Feeders (ADF) too!

You can run iCopy by just pressing the button of your scanner!! Its simple user interface lets you manage scanner and printer options, like brightness, contrast, number of copies in a couple of seconds. You can save images to file or export to PDF without the need of other software!

As it’s small and no installation is required, iCopy is also suitable for USB pen drives.

iCopy is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3 (GNU GPL v3). Its code is fully open source and you don’t have to pay or register to use it. If you find it a nice program, please consider making a small donation to the developer.


Download iCopy 1.6.1

Release date: September 2, 2013


Latest News:

Czech and Hebrew translations added

Posted on : 05-01-2014 | By : Matteo Rossi | In : Releases

Thanks to two great users, iCopy is now translated into Czech and Hebrew! You can download the language files here on Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/icopy/files/Language%20files/1.6/? To install them, simply extract the content of the zip file to iCopy folder

iCopy 1.6.1 released!

Posted on : 02-09-2013 | By : Matteo Rossi | In : Releases

This is just a maintenance release that addresses a few bugs and contains some code improvements. The most important bug regarded the cropping of the top of the page with certain scanners. The new version is available on the download page. For problems or bugs, use the Sourceforge Bug Tracker as usual! For those that would […]